Over 150 years ago the Hawaiian people of Kaupo undertook the tremendous task of building Huialoha Church by hand. They harvested coral from the ocean to be baked in an imu and made into mortar; they hauled rocks to the site and put the two together to erect the walls. Huge logs were brought down from the mountains for the lumber needed to complete the roof, windows and doors.


Early records show a Rev. Whittlesey in Hana in 1849 and that there were 231 church members in Kaupo. Huialoha Church was not finished being built until 1859 and records show approximately the same number of members at that time. Over time, church attendance dwindled and now only special services are held.


This little church, sitting on the point of land here at Mokulau, Kaupo, has endured the ravages of time and weather; it is truly a beautiful and spiritual place.


A wahi pana. A special place.

The Church


- Carl “Soot” Bredhoff, Chairman


- Charles “Chunga” Kahaleauki, Vice Chairman


- Kristy Stone, Secretary


- Wehi Apo, Treasurer


- Ginger Gannon


- Sam Aina


- Barbara Apo


- Zadoc Brown Jr.


- Jimmy Aarona, Hawai’i Conference Foundation Representative

Board Members of the Huialoha Preservation ‘Ahahui

Huialoha Church, Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii